Native Plant Garden

A Living Museum

The Trinidad Museum Garden is a project of the TMS Landscape Committee under the original supervision of our landscape designer, Nancy Rehg. Many volunteers, contributors, and sister organizations have helped us achieve a great beginning. The garden is a living component of the museum, with an educational, historical, and scientific mission.

The native plant garden has a two-fold purpose: to introduce people to the common native plants in the Trinidad area, especially those growing on the Head and in the state parks, and to inspire people to garden with local natives.  It consists of the upper garden north and west of the Sangster-Underwood house with a swale, berms, and a variety of native plants from the Trinidad area. The banks and lower garden also display native plants, some of which were already growing there.  Some of these plant species are also used by Native Americans and relate to local Yurok traditions.

The garden was planted on landfill from construction of the freeway south of Trinidad. It consists largely of “blue goo” clay and therefore drains very poorly but has an abundance of minerals. There was practically no topsoil.  Most of the organic material we have added consists of wood chips, along with some partly decomposed leaves and needles.

Trinidad Museum Garden Plant List

The garden is a work in progress and ever changing as some plants survive and grow and we add new ones. This list includes only plants along the paths, but other species are planted on and at the bases of the south and west slopes and at the back of the west mound. Note: The scientific names of plants are continually being revised as their relationships become better understood from DNA analysis. This revision (Sept 2020) of the plant list has the current name for each plant, followed by the old name when it has been changed.

Native Plant Garden Photographs

We are very thankful for the great support of the membership, community, and wonderful volunteers. Enjoy a few photos of the native plant garden!