Touring Scenic Drive: Then and Now

In April 2012 at the annual meeting of the Trinidad Museum Society, Arlene Hartin gave a slide presentation documenting the construction of Highway 1, now Scenic Drive, based on the Lenore M. Fairbanks photo album of 1921-1922. Thanks to Arlene Hartin and James Siebert, the owner of the photo album who allowed it to be scanned by the Humboldt County Historical Society, Trinidad Museum now presents the current exhibit. Part of the exhibit consists of selected photos from the album; the entire album is presented on a digital viewer. Other time periods covered include a selection of photographs by ART-RAY from the late 1940s-1950s and several 1947-1951 aerial photographs courtesy of the Shuster Collection/HSU Library Special Collections. Two photos by A.W. Ericson show Houda Landing from 1897-1905. Contemporary shots are taken from as near as we could get to the original locations. The exhibit extends into the Heritage Room where examples of postcards may be seen. And TMS has reproduced two of the ART-RAY postcards, available at the Museum!

Route 101 Exhibit Photos