A Contribution to Prayer

This exhibition is a small portion of an intricate collection of magnificent traditional and contemporary works by Callie Lara over many years. These are traditional and contemporary pieces for the ceremonies of the Hupa, Yurok, and Karuk tribes. Callie, her husband, Walt Lara, Yurok, and their daughters, Keduescha, Kishan, Elizabeth, & Roberta, relatives, and friends have dedicated their lives to the revitalization of ceremony and a traditional way of life among the Native peoples of the Pacific North California Coast. Callie is a student of the Hupa language and a Hoopa Tribal member with Karuk ancestry.

“For thousands of years, Native People of the Pacific North Coast strived to live in balance and harmony with the world through the ceremonies. I live in an era of contributors in the revitalization of ceremony. My contributions are a reflection of our language, traditions, and a way of life. I invite you to glimpse these contributions to prayer for ceremonies such as the White Deer Skin Dance, the Jump Dance, the Flower Dance, and the Brush Dance. I would also like to acknowledge the many regalia makers, artists, and ceremonial participants who have contributed to my knowledge and this collection of dance pieces: Walt Lara Sr., Richard McClellan, Bradley Marshall, Sam Cooper, Keduescha Colegrove, Dr. Kishan Lara-Cooper, Loren Bommelyn, Tony Silvia, Silis Jackson, George Blake, Walter Lara III, Wendy George, my grandmothers, and my parents Richard McClellan Sr. and Patricia Tswelnaldin. Ni wo:n, Thank you.”

— Callie, Hupa/Karuk

On Display Until March 2013