Past Exhibits

Schools and Scholars Trinidad area schools are featured in the new Heritage Room exhibit: Trinidad School (1870), Big Lagoon School (1881), Patricks Point School (1883), Little River School (1899, and later known as Bulwinkle and Crannell School), and Stone Lagoon School (1899), are included. On Display through Winter 2019.

Native American Tobacco Baskets & Pipes from Northwestern California

Trinidad Museum: 10 Years Later A retrospective exhibit in the Historical Photos room celebrates its 10th Anniversary in the moved and renovated Sangster-Watkins-Underwood-Susan home. On Display through Winter 2020.

Working Baskets Baskets used in everyday life are exhibited in the Native American Room accompanied by samples of the materials used to create them. On Display through Summer 2019.

50th Anniversary of Lady Bird Johnson Grove The exhibit in the Photography Room commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Lady Bird Johnson Grove in Redwood National and State Parks. On Display until Fall 2019.

“We Are Patriots” Commemorating Trinidad Area Veterans & the End of World War I in 1918, this exhibit in the Heritage Room honors local veterans.  On Display through Winter 2019

Historical Architecture of Trinidad
Early photographs of hotels, stores, schools, churches, gathering places, saloons, garages, the first pier along Trinidad Head, lighthouses, the railroad station, Town Hall and homes. On Display through Summer 2018

Pacific Glow Fox Farm on Stagecoach Road
The closeness of the Thompson, Johnson and Spinas families through decades of productive Trinidad community and commercial life is brought to life in the Mary Spinas Kline Collection of photographs and documents exhibited in the Heritage Room of the Museum. On Display Until April 14, 2018


Quillwork in Native American Baskets from Northwest California
Nearly fifty baskets and objects from multiple collections will be on view, opening on October 9. In addition, a newly acquired 42-inch porcupine “study skin” installed in a redwood and acrylic case donated by Dr. Steve Ruth will be part of the exhibit. On Display Until September 3, 2017

Touring Scenic Drive: Then & Now
In April 2012 at the annual meeting of the Trinidad Museum Society, Arlene Hartin gave a slide presentation documenting the construction of Highway 1, now Scenic Drive, based on the Lenore M. Fairbanks photo album of 1921-1922. This album has been digitized and is presented along with “then & now” images. On Display Until Summer 2017


Unsheltered: Commercial Fishing out of Trinidad
The history of commercial fishing in Trinidad, California is a rich one. It is a tale full of storms, danger, hardship, success, community, competition, skill, and luck. The story is enriched by a cast of characters one could not make up, even with the wildest of imaginations. On Display Until 


J. Goldsborough Bruff Sketches
A collection of J. Goldsborough Bruff’s sketches of Humboldt County created in 1851 during the Gold Rush. Displayed are a selection of coast line images, the Tsurai village, and a self-portrait. On Display Until Spring 2015


Trinidad Lighthouse 1871-Present
This exhibit details the history of the lighthouse on Trinidad Head and features photographs from the collections of Humboldt State Uiversity, Humboldt County Historical Society, Trinidad Museum Society, and the U.S. Cost Guard. On Display Until December 2014


Lee Taylor Walashek’s Landscape Paintings
The museum is honored to show a selection of local artist Lee Taylor Walashek’s landscape paintings. A native to the area, Walashek portrays scenes from Humboldt County, particularly the scenic town of Trinidad. On Display Until Spring 2014


Photographs of Native Americans of Northwest California
Historic photographs from the golden age of Indian photographs (1870-1929) are featured. Women photographers are highly represented in the photographs of Emma Freeman, Grace Nicholson, Nellie McGraw, and Ruth Roberts. The exhibition includes a sampling of original tintypes, postcards, and master-prints. On Display Until Fall 2013


A Contribution to Prayer
This exhibition is a small portion of an intricate collection of magnificent traditional and contemporary works by Callie Lara over many years. These are traditional and contemporary pieces for the ceremonies of the Hupa, Yurok, and Karuk tribes. On Display Until March 2013


Made for the Trade
The “Made for the Trade” exhibition explores local Native American baskets and changes that occurred through making them for sale and trade outside of the Indian community. The ““Indian curio trade” redefined baskets as art. Major weavers and collectors/interpreters are emphasized.


Crannell: A Company Town, 1906-1969
Historic photographs and maps from Humboldt County documenting the growth and decline of Crannell, a Humboldt County lumbering town, from 1906-1969. Images depict the development and progress of the types of communities that manifested within company towns during the early 20th century. On Display Until October 2012


Highlights of the Trinidad Museum’s Basket Collections
A collection of baskets and other cultural objects from local tribes including Yurok, Karuk, Wiyot, Hupa, and Tolowa. A Queen James ceremonial cap, Jump dance basket and sash, gambling basket, and eel hook with Frog’s Head design are some of the items highlighted in this exhibit. On Display Until April 2012


Martha Kemp’s Botanical Drawings
The Trinidad Museum is pleased to exhibit graphite pencil drawings by local artist, Martha Kemp. This collection depicts intimately detailed sketches of Humboldt County plant life. On Display Until January 2012


Trinidad Whaling Station, 1920-1927
A collection of photographs featuring the history of the Trinidad Whaling Station, in operation from 1920-1927. The images included in the show focus on the men who made their living in the Whaling trade. On Display Until December 2011


Images of America: Trinidad
This new exhibit features a selection of images from over 200 vintage photographs included in the book and shows key moments from more than a century of Trinidad’s history. The photographs included in Images of America: Trinidad have never before been easily accessible to the public.


Our New Trinidad Museum
This exhibit conveys, through photographs, the historical significance of families associated with the structure of the new Trinidad Museum and the family associated with the land the museum now occupies. The exhibit also shows the evolution of the Trinidad Museum from its founding in 1983 located on Trinity Street to its present centrally located site on Janis Court.