Looking to Tradition and to the Modern: Ceremonial Dresses and Adornment

Shoshoni Gensaw-Hostler, Yurok/Karuk

Shoshoni Gensaw-Hostler is a maker of traditional and modern dresses and regalia. She has created more than 26 dresses, including the dress worn by Tori McConnell, Miss Indian World 2023-2024.

Newly-elected Trinidad Museum Society Board Member Shoshoni Gensaw-Hostler is shown above installing the New Collection Exhibit in the Native American Room.

Shoshoni comes from a traditionalist Yurok family with some Tolowa and Karuk heritage. Her brother James is a master carver and teaches Yurok language. She is one of the most outstanding young regalia makers of her generation. She has an MA in Psychology with an emphasis in Counseling from HSU. She is the Yurok Tribe Suicide Prevention Manager. She also serves on the Stanford ECHO (a medical teaching program) Leadership Team. Shoshoni lives in Hoopa with her husband, David Michael Hostler, and their children Sofia (16), Oliva (10), Kautia (7), and David (6).

*Some dresses from this exhibit have been loaned out for ceremony and are no longer on display*

Detail view of one of Shoshoni Gensaw-Hostler’s ornately decorated dresses