Exhibits are one of the primary ways in which the Trinidad Museum Society (TMS) fulfills its mission of interpreting the local history of the area. From our opening in the renovated building in 2009, we have presented exhibits on an annual rotating basis in at least two of the five exhibit rooms. Major exhibits are mounted in the Historical Photographs and Native American rooms at regular intervals and are generally available for a year at a time. In addition, exhibits are regularly updated in the Natural History and Heritage Rooms as well as in the entry room where some of our permanent exhibits are located.

See the Current Exhibits  page for the most recent exhibits.

Permanent exhibits in the entry room include the Yurok canoe and background mural, the A.W. Ericson printing press (used to print Trinidad News & Views in the 1980s) and the fragment from the original cross located on Trinidad Head in 1775 along with historical information about the white/anglo discovery of Trinidad.

Past exhibits in the Historical Photographs room are documented and available online.