Patrick’s Point School District (1883-1927)

Connie Shumway was the first teacher at Patrick’s Point School, first a 26′ to 28′ by 16′ to18′ structure built in 1883. Her salary was $70 per month.  She taught five boys and ten girls.  “The water supply was good. The furniture was sufficient. The ventilation was not good. There was no outhouse.”

In 1888-89 William Kermode and James Smith were teachers at $70 per month with the same number of students as Miss Shumway.  “The library had 73 books. There were two outhouses.”  By the end of Smith’s term, there were 123 library books.

Marion Parker was teacher for the first term in 1889 at $70 per month.  Four boys and eight girls were in her class.  “There was no water supply.  The desks were too small for the children.”  Marjorie K. Smith taught the second term at the same salary with nine boys and four girls in class.  The library had increased to 167 books.

Eleanor Ethel Tracy was teacher in 1911.  Her salary was $656.75 for one term and she taught twelve boys and sixteen girls.  There were 504 books in the library.  Emily Power took over for the second term at $600.  She taught four boys and nine girls and the library had increased to 515 books.

Christine Hilficker was the teacher in 1912; Mary E. Day taught in 1918 with a salary of $720; Mary MacPherson in 1919, and Muriel McGowan in 1926-27.  By then the teacher’s salary was $1,500 and there were 238 books in the library.  “The water, plumbing and sanitation were satisfactory” for the nine boys and seven girls in class.

The larger Patrick’s Point School (still in place at Sounds of the Sea RV Park about five miles north of Trinidad) shown in the 1924 photograph in the exhibit had at least four large classrooms, a large downstairs area and a basement used for the furnace and as a rainy day play area.