Big Lagoon School District (1881-1919 and Beyond)

Big Lagoon School district was established October 5, 1881.  It lapsed as a district on November 12, 1919 into the Stone Lagoon and Patrick’s Point District.  It was reestablished as a new district in approximately 1957 and is active today serving kindergarten through eighth grade students.  

There is no photograph of the first Big Lagoon School and several buildings may have been utilized.  The first teacher in 1881 was Nancy J. Stephenson.  Her salary was $70 per month.  She taught six boys and ten girls.  According to “History of Humboldt County Schools,” the “furniture and grounds were adequate; the water supply was good and the ventilation for the school was by the doors, windows and chimney. There was no library, so texts were brought from home or shared. There was no outhouse.” 

N. Johnson taught for two terms in 1882.  She taught eight boys and nine girls in the first term and seven boys and ten girls in the second.  “The library increased from 26 books to 30” during the school year.

S.A. Kneeland was the teacher in 1883 for the first term.  His salary was $70 per month.  Seven boys and five girls were in his class.  “There was still no outhouse.”  Sarah G. Ellison taught in the 1883-84 second term.  Her salary was $40 per month.  She taught six boys and five girls.  “The furniture was in poor condition.” The Schools & Scholars exhibit features an early 1900s register of students, teachers and trustees.

Big Lagoon School (Stone Lagoon School District) Class Roster and Visitors’ Record Book 1901-1903